Discounts, Parties and A little help

Hey there folks,

Well as a lot of you know the Album Release party is on Aug. 19th and I am happy to say that you will not want to miss it. We have been rehearsing with the newest addition to the fellas of Black Canyon, Mr. Dallas Tidwell of Red City Radio, who happens to be a machine of drumming magic. But in honor of the party coming I am making to where you can buy the album here for only $5, or more if you feel so inclined, Until the day of the party! Also I am booking a small tour from Sept. 30 – Oct. 8th Here are the dates I am shooting for:

9/30      Witchita, KS  

10/1      Kansas City, KS

10/2      Springfield, MO

10/3      Fayettville, AR

10/4      Conway, AR

10/5      Tyler. TX

10/6      Austin, TX

10/7      Dallas, TX

And I will wrap it all up in Oklahoma City on Oct. 8th, So if any of you out there can lend a hand to people, bands, places near any of these stops or venues it would be much appreciated. You can get ahold of me at my email

I hope you all are awesome and remember to come have fun at some of my upcoming shows.

Here is a Album Release poster that I got via Mike Colbath!:

A sigh of relief

Well the album has been out for a full day now and alot of people have given it a listen and I am so stoked about that. This whole “concept album” idea has consumed me for the last year and I am a little glad that it is out so I can move on to witing a new album. I had an amazing time making this record and will never be able to recreate the experiences I have recieved. But, thats not to say I can’t have more awsome ones. I have a few shows coming up soon. Take a look at the shows page to see. Also! please come out to the album release party and celebate with us, I promise you are gonna have a blast! You people are what make me okay when I go to sleep and keep going most days.


Go here for the album release party info:!/event.php?eid=162649700469180